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What is Dolphin Guide?

Dolphin Guide empowers you to browse webpages, write letters, send emails, scan and listen to documents and much more; and because Dolphin Guide reads out everything aloud, you can never get lost or confused.

It's ideal for seniors that have deteriorating sight, are completely blind, or are partially sighted. Click here to download a Guide demo!

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  Dolphin Guide is very easy to use. Right from the start a helpful voice will walk you through installing the software to tasks like writing an email.
With step-by-step menus you'll never get lost in a maze of windows. To go back to where you started simply press Escape and listen out for the options.
Press 999 on your computer keyboard to connect to the friendly Dolphin Guide product support team who will be happy to help get you back on track.
Dolphin Guide enables you to take control of your own correspondence. You can now listen to the radio, read Internet news, and even shop online!

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Try the Dolphin Guide Demo for free!

Click here to download the Guide demo Click here to request a demo CD to be mailed to you


Your Low Vision Store distributes Guide software in California, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii. If you are out of this area and interested in Guide, please contact Dolphin at

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