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Write letters and documents

Write, edit, save, retrieve, spell-check and format all letters and documents. Dolphin Guide takes you through the whole process of writing letters and documents, using clear audio instructions and reading out text as it is typed. Text can be formatted in the normal ways, such as aligning left, centre and right, making it bold and changing its colour and size. The on-screen text can be magnified and, in addition to Dolphin Guide reading out text as it is typed, your document or letter can be read back as a whole or in smaller word, sentence or paragraph portions. Your letter or document can be saved and finish another day, or it can be printed out automatically in large print. Dolphin Guide can print on may different paper sizes and also includes a function to automatically print envelopes. Letters and documents can be saved in a number of different formats, including Guide, Microsoft Word, Rich Text, Plain text and even spoken MP3.

Spell-Checker, Dictionary and Thesaurus

Dolphin Guide includes two spell-checkers and a 250,000 word dictionary and thesaurus! The first spell-checker checks the spelling of words as you type them. If Dolphin Guide detects a spelling mistake it instantly makes a sound, so you know to go back and correct the last word. The second spell-checker is a full spell-checker that will check every word in your letter, document or email, etc. When a spelling mistake is detected a list of suggested corrections is displayed, for you to pick one from. You can also type a correction manually or choose to ignore the word altogether. Both the spell-checker, Dictionary and Thesaurus can all be used anywhere in Dolphin Guide where you are typing text.

Scan and read books & documents

This feature turns your computer into an easy-to-use reading system. Printed documents are scanned by Dolphin Guide and then displayed on the screen in large print and also read out. The reading speed can be adjusted to your needs. For reading bank statements and similar documents, Dolphin Guide has a special column mode, ensuring that text is read clearly and logically. After reading, documents can be edited, saved or printed.

Send and receive e-mails

Send, receive, reply to, edit, forward and save emails. Dolphin Guide makes sending and receiving emails unbelievably easy! Dolphin Guide automatically connects to the Internet and retrieves any new emails awaiting delivery. The new emails are put in a list where you can pick which ones to read. The Dolphin Guide voice will speak out the selected email, as well as showing it in large print on the screen. If photographs or other images have been attached to the email, Dolphin Guide can magnify them instantly at the touch of a button! After reading the email you can reply to it, delete it, print it in large print, forward it to someone else, save or view any attachments or just save the whole email to read again later.

When writing a new email, you can select someone from your address book or simply type in the email address. Dolphin Guide then asks you to type the subject of the email, then asks you to type the actual message. When complete, your message can be spell-checked then sent. Dolphin Guide automatically connects to the Internet, then tells you if it's been sent successfully. All the emails you send are saved in a separate list, so you can read them again if you require.
screenshot of the received email page

Surf the Internet

Access information for work & study, book your holiday, shop online or just go surfing with the Dolphin Guide browser. With just three keys on the keyboard, you can read any page! Simply use the left and right arrow keys to move about a page and the enter key to follow links. It's that easy! Additionally, when you move about the page, Dolphin Guide highlights and reads out each piece of text. Each page can also be magnified if required. If you don't want to see any graphics, you can easily switch to a text-only view with customisable background and foreground colours.

Magnify Handwriting, Diagrams or Pictures

Images, hand written letters, diagrams or just about anything placed on your scanner can be magnified on screen. Simple controls allow the images to be zoomed in and out, and moved left and right and up and down. Different colouring combinations can be applied, so you can turn black writing on an white page into yellow writing on a black page! Many other colour combinations are also available. Your zoomed image can be saved, altered and printed.

screenshot of magnified handwriting

Listen to Internet radio stations and podcasts

Listen to Internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world. Simply select from the list of radio stations, then press enter to listen! The Dolphin Guide radio station player has easy-to-use on-screen controls that can be used to start and stop the radio station and control its volume. The radio can even be left playing in the background, while you use other parts of Dolphin Guide!

Dolphin Guide also includes a BBC Radio Listen Again Player. Any radio show from BBC 1 through to BBC 7 from the past 7 days can be replayed at the touch of a button. It couldn't be easier.

Print, resize & crop photos

Plug a digital camera into your computer to instantly view and magnify photos. The images can also be printed out.

News Reader

Dolphin Guide includes two news readers: the first is for reading Internet news and the second is for reading UK news supplied on CD from TNAUK (The Talking Newspaper Association of the UK). News headlines are shown in a list, with more details displayed at the top of the screen. All headlines can be both magnified or spoken out with the preferred voice.

Calendar & Reminders

Enter appointments in a calendar and choose to be reminded of important events. View your calendar month by month, day by day or hour by hour. Filter your calendar to show just free or just busy times.

Address Book

Store postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and notes for all of your contacts. The address book can be searched to quickly find a particular contact. Once found, you can browse or print their details, print and envelope, send them an email, write them a letter or have Dolphin Guide actually dial their telephone number. As with all other parts of Dolphin Guide, the address book can be magnified and the Dolphin Guide voice clearly speaks everything out.

Play CDs and MP3s

Play a normal CD with your computer. Dolphin Guide will get the CD title, artist and title of all the tracks automatically from the Internet and show them on screen where they can be spoken out or magnified. On-screen controls allow you to play, start, stop, pause, skip-forward or skip backwards through the tracks. You can leave the CD playing, while you go and use other parts of Dolphin Guide. If you have downloaded an MP3 or you have a CD with MP3s on it, Dolphin Guide can now play these as well!


Use the calculator for basic or scientific calculations! The calculation and answer can be magnified and, as usual, Dolphin Guide will read it out.


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