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Bigkeys Keyboard LX
BigKeys Keyboard by Greystone Digital Inc. is the size of a standard keyboard with 1 square keys, 4 times larger than a standard key.

An easily accessible switch allows you to choose the keyboard layout that best fits your needs, QWERTY for standard use or ABC for easy learning.

BigKeys is available in two versions Plus and LX. Big Keys Plus has 48 keys and is available in easy to read bright colors or black on white. BigKeys LX has 60 keys and is available in black on white. It also has Assist Mode, a built in sticky key feature, allowing you to enter multiple keyboard functions without simultaneous key presses.

Please call to configure your keyboard. We have PS2 and USB; colored, white, and black keys; ABC keys layout or QWERTY keys layout. Pricing is $159.00 - $174.00.

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